Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sorry guys!

Sorry that it has been so long since posting last. I guess I got a little overwhelmed with where to start that I just held back. No lack of exciting things going on in our lives. Trips to South Africa, growing a baby boy in my belly, beautiful Spring adventures outside....Oh, and of course knitting.

So today I am 19 weeks pregnant and we found out last week that it is a boy. Looking like he will be named Oliver Fox. Last name is still up for debate. Gabriel and I kept our last names when we got married which we have been perfectly happy with but we always knew it would become an issue when we had kids and now here we are. Things are going really well. First trimester wasn't so bad, just felt lousy and hungry, yet picky, and tired tired tired. It only lasted maybe 3 weeks though so I will count myself lucky. Now I am enjoying the part that most seem to enjoy, the glorious second trimester. I have my energy back and feel generally good but now I also have the added joy of growing a little belly, knowing there is a boy in there, and also starting to feel little fluttering movements. Very fun and exciting!

Here is a photo from last week and also some images from our ultrasound. Sorry that they aren't clearer. It was hard to scan an already not so great image.

tommy and gabriella and belly 033
oliver ultrasound images
oliver ultrasound images 001