Thursday, March 11, 2010

Non Baby post: Pretzels

Ha ha! A non baby post! I do have other things going on in my life....occasionally....

For the month of February Gabriel was gone doing a wilderness medicine rotation in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. We saw him two weekends up in Celo. The month apart wasn't quite as hard as I thought it would be but that is also because I was rescued by my mother who spent three weeks helping me to take care of Oliver and myself. We spent a week of that in Chapel Hill and the last two weeks up in Celo.

Poor Gabriel. He works so hard at work and I know he has so much to do for school when he gets home but between his own wishes and the maintenance of my own sanity and our marriage he spends most of his time at home playing with Oliver and helping me out. He has had some adorable little tokens of love which I have accepted as peace offerings for his time away. He has done a lot of cooking, bringing of flowers and letting me take off for yoga classes or other things on my own. One of the strange cooking streaks he has been on has been baking. Candied almonds, biscotti, and soft pretzels. The pretzels were kind of extraordinary. Real proper pretzels which were poached and then baked. So delicious. It was a recipe from the New York Times Sunday Magazine which my mom intended to make but she asked us to get them started for her because of all of the rising etc...but once Gabriel got started he became wildly possessive and possessed and wouldn't let anyone else near. Very sweet. Goes great with the family's secret mustard recipe! I keep trying to tell people how amazing these were and no one seems to get it so here are the photos to prove it.

050 (2)
051 (2)

052 (2)
056 (2)
054 (2)

Monday, March 01, 2010

Back at my desk

Woohoo! Just cleared off my desk and am taking a seat and regaining control.
Wow, no sooner do I say this then I hear crying.....OK. Regaining some control. Back in a bit to finish this post.

OK, two days later finishing post. Working fast as "free' time today is precious. Yesterday Oliver had his four month appointment and shots and is Mr. Grumps today with a small fever.

Desk clear. Back to work for me and my business. VERY exciting to get enough sleep at night and fun to be able to use his nap times for myself. Starting to feel normal again

Big moments in sleep:
Oliver has moved into his own room.
We are Ferberizing him
AND if all that wasn't enough change today we are stopping swaddling him.

What the heck. Let's just get all these changes in at once. Better to just go ahead and have all your wisdom teeth pulled at once instead of one at a time right?

Uh oh....More crying. Gotta run.