Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Golden Weekend

In medical residency speak there is such a thing as the "black weekend" which is the weekend out of the month that you don't get a day off. On the flip side of that hopefully you also end up with a "golden weekend" which is the only weekend out of that month that you get the entire weekend off. This past week was Gabriel's golden weekend in a hard month in the ICU and it really lived up to it's name. We had a wonderful time not doing anything terribly exciting but had lot's of fun just being together.

One somewhat exciting thing though was Oliver's first big art experience. He has had a couple of small drawing experiences so far but I don't think he was terrible aware of the cause and effect of what he was experiencing but bellow are photos of a really wonderful full body art experience. It occurred with out any planning or prodding, but instead was a discovery all his own while crawling around Gabriel's wood working project of building a bookcase for Oliver's room.

Green Bean
Breakfast at the Green Bean

In the backyard of our wonderful neighbors Bill, Valerie and Shira. Yes, that s a ukulele and Bill takes it very seriously and plays it beautifully

Making aunt Emily's famous banana bread

Tucked in after a great weekend!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Testing iPhone to Blog Direct

How can it possibly be so hard to keep up with a blog the way I would like to? Well let's try something new shall we? As our photographic medium of choice becomes the iPhone more and more I am trying out posting from my phone. What a world!

- Posted using my fancy shmancy iPhone

Thursday, September 02, 2010

THE iPhone

Around the time that we moved in here in Massachusetts we finally decided that we couldn't wait any longer for iPhones. We had been really well behaved and stuck it out with Verizon for as long as we could. Gabriel even gave the Droid Incredible a try but ultimately we found that nothing really does compare to the iPhone experience. AT&T did not make the transition smooth. There was a couple of weeks of our order being lost/canceled due to suspected identity theft???? That threatened to put us back at the end of the two-3 week waiting line that we had already been suffering through to get phones. We spent HOURS on the phone on several different occasions and even went over on our cellphone minutes for the month just trying to get this all sorted out. It got so painful that we even contemplated stopping the whole thing because of course in the middle of the experience Verizon announced that probably in January of next year they would finally probably be carrying the iPhone. Anyway, this blog is not not meant to be a venting space for such boring things.

The Point: The point is that we have been enjoying our iPhones and one of the ways that we have been doing this is by loving it as a camera. We take way more photos but more importantly we DO more with the photos. Instead of spending weeks just sitting on the camera or computer without being shared with anyone or printed etc...we take loads of photos with our iPhones and pretty much immediately email them, text them, or upload them to Facebook. It has been pretty exciting. Even videos too. Plus, our phones are pretty much always with us and the camera sometimes is not. So, to take it even one step further Gabriel has fallen in love with many of the camera related Apps which simulate old fashioned cameras, films, and filters. Taking photos with his iPhone has become its own hobby I kid you not. Here are some photos from the last couple of months ALL taken with our phones. A smidge of our summer, blueberry picking, vegetables from our garden, river dipping, etc....
























Monday, August 30, 2010

Berkeley Family Comes to Visit

Recently my family visited from California. Sister, stepmom and dad. A good time was had by all in our new cozy little home. New little tinkering house projects were completed by my dad. Carolyn brought me her old sewing machine and gave me lessons during Oliver's naps. Baking, cooking, baby squeezing, movie watching, a great time indeed. Miss you guys!

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