Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Golden Weekend

In medical residency speak there is such a thing as the "black weekend" which is the weekend out of the month that you don't get a day off. On the flip side of that hopefully you also end up with a "golden weekend" which is the only weekend out of that month that you get the entire weekend off. This past week was Gabriel's golden weekend in a hard month in the ICU and it really lived up to it's name. We had a wonderful time not doing anything terribly exciting but had lot's of fun just being together.

One somewhat exciting thing though was Oliver's first big art experience. He has had a couple of small drawing experiences so far but I don't think he was terrible aware of the cause and effect of what he was experiencing but bellow are photos of a really wonderful full body art experience. It occurred with out any planning or prodding, but instead was a discovery all his own while crawling around Gabriel's wood working project of building a bookcase for Oliver's room.

Green Bean
Breakfast at the Green Bean

In the backyard of our wonderful neighbors Bill, Valerie and Shira. Yes, that s a ukulele and Bill takes it very seriously and plays it beautifully

Making aunt Emily's famous banana bread

Tucked in after a great weekend!

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