Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How sad

to think that I waited all this last winter to start knitting. Sigh...
I love my new fingerless gloves but I won't even wear them once until at least November, but oh how soft and yummy they will be!

I whipped these out in just a weekend which was sort of shocking. This was the first thing I made after knitting socks on size 1 needles so it was kind of nice to go back up to what felt like huge at only size 3. The pattern came from Weekend Knitting by Wendy Falick which I am borrowing from a friend. A lot of the patterns look like there is no way that you could actually complete them in a weekend but I knocked these out in three days. I like the book a lot, and coincidentally I worked with the photographer, Erika McConnell, a bit when I was working in the photo department at Sunset Magazine and she has also done some shooting for my stepmother who is a professional baker. Also, the main model who is used repeatedly in the book is a model that we also used a bunch for a while at Sunset. Small world I suppose. Anyway, the gloves where knitted with Classic Elite, Inca Alpaca which I totally love. It is 100% alpaca and came in a whole bunch of great colors. I don't know if you can see it but this purple is flecked with a green that is really fun. The color was #1132.

I am almost done with my first baby sweater which I will post when it is finished. The knitting is starting to slow down a bit which frankly may be a good thing. With Africa almost a month away there is a lot else that I should be putting my spare time to as well as the fact that now we are consistently having 80 degree weather. My palms were sweating just to wear the gloves for the photo shoot.

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skhpottery said...

Very cool, I keep thinking that I'd like a pair, but I just haven't gotten around to it. I'd love to see the book when you're up this way!