Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Scenic Knitting

I did actually do a bunch of knitting in Tanzania. I had brought yarn only for sock knitting because it was the easiest thing to carry and also I couldn't really bare the idea of having a hot and heavy project sitting on my lap. The knitting ended up being the perfect thing to have with me for all of the "hurry up and wait" which is what we called the constant start and stop and adjustment of plans that was required behavior in Tanzania. The saying "Man makes plans and God laughs" couldn't have been truer in Africa. So having a little busy project while you waited 2 hours in line just to withdraw money at the bank was necessary to my sanity. Sadly my knitting is always something that goes so undocumented in the process so even though I am sure I was often knitting is such odd or beautiful places that I really wish I had some photos of but at least here are a few.


carolyn said...

kntting is the best take along project unless you're on a return flight form Heathrow where my needles got ripped out of my project and confiscated!

Noelle said...

It's always those moments most frequent, pleasant, and usual that go unseen in photography. Glad to see you have some snapshots to treasure in honor of these memories. : )