Monday, November 12, 2007

Mrs. McDowell and the Goat

Two weeks ago my preschool class took a trip to a local farm to visit the animals and talk to Mr. Waller about the things he plants and has to do to run a farm. I had been up late the night before trying to finish the hat I am wearing in the photo and I was glad I did because it was a cold blustery fall day. I was taking lots of pictures that day for our bulletin board and luckily one of the mothers in the class snapped this one of me and emailed it to me. It is such a peaceful picture, it is hard to believe that this is in the midst of a preschool field trip where I spent all the rest of my time with hawk eyes on 23 little ones. I like to think it looks so peaceful because I am in my element on a farm!

As a little house keeping, this again is the greenery hat. This time in RY Cashsoft Aran. Still size 7 needles. Love it! This one only took me 3-4 days. I think there are a couple of better photos of it in my Halloween section.

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Misty said...

Great work.