Sunday, April 27, 2008

Daffodils from Gabriel

Recently I came home to the house filled with daffodils that Gabe had picked for me. Well, he did pick them from the park of the townhouse complex around the corner, but to be fair we never see anyone using this really wonderful little space here in the city.

There were dafodils by my bed:

There were daffodils on the coffee table (note Rumi in the background):

And there were daffodils in my office (note the photo of Gabe from our month long date in Italy when we got back together 5 years ago) (also note the newest baby booties):

Booties hanging out with my danskos:

Saartje Booties:


carolyn said...

Lucky you..the daffs are beautiful and full of love.I want to make some of those booties with you watching over my shoulder but I'M AFRAID TO BRING KNITTING ON THE PLANE!

Noelle said...

How romantic! What a guy! ; )

Sarah-potterknitter said...

Lovely! I'm surprised there are any left down there in the flat lands.