Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Recently I was looking at my stepmother's blog and learned about freezer paper stenciling. This is a super cool method of making really easy stencils that are perfect for ironing on to fabric, painting away and then easily removing the temporarily adhered stencil. It was perfect timing to read about this cool method because it made for really fun decorating of onesies for the many babies that have been born recently. I think our next door neighbor's baby was born yesterday judging by the flutter of cars that has been in and out and watching one young woman literally run from her car to the front door. Here are the first couple of ones that I made but since have made more for three other babies! Hopefully I will post some more images if the parents end up sending me photos of the kids in their garb. I love to knit for a baby if I can but if I don't have the time or if it is someone that I don't know that well but would like to make some kind of gesture this seems like the perfect solution. It also has been fun for jazzing up my hunny's hospital scrubs!

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skhpottery said...

How funny, Guess what I've been doing this morning!I'll have to wait a week to post pictures until after a baby shower. It wasn't as easy as I expected, I forgot how long it could take to cut out tiny little pieces, and the fabric moved around more than I thought. Might change my christmas present plans. We'll see if I can make some easier designs.