Sunday, February 03, 2008

Minimalist Cardigan

I finished my first adult sweater. I took a slightly easy route on this one keeping to a simple pattern but I do really like it. Also my first adventure in blocking a knitted piece which wasn't so bad after all. I started this sweater maybe at the beginning of November but stopped working on it pretty much for the entire month of December due to Christmas present knitting. Then it was back to full time for January and finished it just before the end of the month. I just love moss stitch but it was a bit boring for an entire sweater.

Off to bed, I will put some more pictures up tomorrow. My mothers are eager to see the sweater so I am putting this one up now and then more tomorrow.


carolyn said...

Don't sell yourself short with this being "simple"! You knitting is so even and consistent that is is an fabulous first sweater. Wear it proudly! You've become a very fine knitter!

Noelle said...

So beautiful! (Both you AND the sweater!) : )