Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Christmas 2008 From Coast to Coast

Catching up on a little more Christmas! As usual our Christmas time is spent whirlwinding around between Gabriel's family in Western North Carolina and zooming out to my family and our friends out in California. Here is a little smattering of the fun that was had between December 21st and New Years.

christmas 2008 096
christmas 2008 103
First family photos now that all the Cade children are all married off. This was taken in front of the wonderful 200 year old barn on my sister in-law Emily's house. Note the Inga hat on Alex's big head! The hat that was soooo huge on everyone else I tried it on is actually almost too small on him.

christmas 2008 126
christmas 2008 125
Out in California my aunt Sherry hosted a McDowell dinner Christmas Eve at the Pacific Union Club (swanky!). Fun to get dolled up but next time I think I have to insist that my 14 year old sister, Addie is not allowed to wear heals!

christmas 2008 131
christmas 2008 133
Ah, Christmas! The reindeer and Santa are ceramic and have been in my dad's family for decades. They were made pre Rudolph.

more baskets 033
more baskets 049
This was a wonderful day after Christmas that we went hiking down in Big Sur with my mom and Bruce. Chilly but beautiful.

more baskets 057
My grandma Ruth and I. I made the scarf for her for Christmas. Traditional feather and fan pattern.

more baskets 058
Our friends Nick and Analisa included us in their joint family Christmas party which was really fun. This is Nick dressing up his mom's famous brownies.
more baskets 062
Nick's dad, brother and Analisa's brother jammin.
more baskets 065
Analisa and her sibblings in the kitchen.

Bellow are all photos taken at my dad and Carolyn's awesome second home in Grass Valley, CA. It is modeled after a Victorian Fire House. No joke! The sleeping area is just one huge room upstairs with 4 queen sized beds and one twin all swathed in Carolyn's quilts and a huge game table in the middle.
more baskets 069
more baskets 072
Playing games.
more baskets 075
more baskets 095
No, we don't like Settlers of Catan or anything, why do you ask?

more baskets 120
Anne tucked up with Ginger working on her Phd.
more baskets 125
more baskets 141
My sweet sister and sweet husband tucked up together. I feel like a proud mom catching her kids behaving like best friends. It is one of the things you always hope will be the case that your sibblings and partner love each other.

more baskets 144
more baskets 147
more baskets 154
Mass self-education of needle felting. Our wonderful artist friend Lee declined but she sure got a kick out of sketching the frenzy.
more baskets 149
Fierce competition of Boggle.

more baskets 158
more baskets 159
more baskets 160
more baskets 165
I don't even know what to say. This is Gabriel messing with our felting fleece.
more baskets 176
more baskets 188
The obligatory bonfire.


Bruce said...

Nice pictures. I think Gabe with the felting fleece might get posted on America's Most Wanted.

carolyn said...

What great photos! sure looks like FUN!! was I there? :)

Noelle said...

Wow! That first set of pics is AMAZING!!! As for Settlers, . . . sure you guys aren't European or anything? Ha! ; ) And, Gabe, you're such a character! Ha! : )