Thursday, February 19, 2009

Knitted things for new babes

With lots of little ones popping up here and there there has been a lot of small sized knitting going on. Best part is that again Gabriel is doing his part as well. He has really been the baby hat pro. The pink and purple hats went to my cousin's twins. Gabriel made one and I made the other. This is a super cute pattern and I can hardly think of a pattern where the yarn that they suggest for it couldn't be more appropriate and really added to the final product. The rugged nubbiness of this yarn is so cute and it comes in great soft colors for baby stuff.

baby hats 002
baby hats 004
Pattern: Children's Cotton Hats
Source: Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton
Colorways: Foxglove 408 (pink), Phlox (405) purple
Needles: US 7 dpns

This blanket is for a very special little bean due at the beginning of April. Honestly this will be the first baby of a close peer of mine. Gabriel and I lived with Mimi and Jon in the year before we got married and it was Mimi and Jon's first year of marriage. So, for a very special baby, a warm and snuggley blanket to be wrapped up in. The little hat was improvised by Gabriel so I won't put any of the stats on it.

I totally loved this yarn fyi. It is super soft and spongy. You could just squish it in your hands for ever. Plus it is 100% merino and machine washable (dry flat). I also did a modification that many on Ravelry had done of a garter stitch eyelet border. The border alone took an entire ball of yarn!
Pinwheel blanket for Swinger babe
Pinwheel blanket detail
Pattern: Pinwheel Blanket
Source: Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran
Colorways: Natural (201), Moss (210)
Needles: size 8 dpns to start and then increasing sizes of size 8 circulars

Gabriel's hat for Swinger babe


Sarah-potterknitter said...

Very cute! I'm going to remember that hat pattern, I might even have to make one for a little one who was born yesterday once I finish her socks!

Will and Olivia said...

Sarah - the hats are super cute! I wanted to pass something on to you. I saw these baby rattles in my parenting magazine that look like they are knitted. It says they are 100% cotton and they have a rattle inside. I'm pretty sure I found them under the play section. My magazine had veggie rattles, and on the website I found fruit and icecream rattles. anyway, thought it would be something you might enjoy trying to knit. your work is very good! Later - Jill Hayes

Noelle said...

Really awesome knitting, guys! I can't wait to see the layette for your own sweet babe! : )