Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's going to be a hot one today!

I am glad that we had an early morning vet appointment today that got me up and going early because it is going to be one of our first really hot summer days. Walked early, watered the garden and now time to hunker down and probably turn on the AC. I hope my tomatoes and peppers will be happy! If I get brave it may be time to figure out what the pool schedule is and go for a swim this afternoon. Still haven't figured out the maternity bathing suit thing but I think I could brave my bikini a couple of times more.

Yesterday was my monthly midwife visit. Everything was right on target. Blood pressure, weight, Oliver's heartbeat, check check and check. They handed me my orange sugar drink to be had before my next visit for the glucose test for gestational diabetes. Fun to hit the hurdles that I have spent so many months reading about. Oliver kicks more and more, I can even see my belly moving sometimes now when he is active.

Here are some belated photos from Spring that I wanted to squeeze in. The first photos are from the Piedmont Organic Farm Tour which is ever so fun.

Piedmont farm tour 2009 023
Seedlings at Eco Farm

Piedmont farm tour 2009 002
Cows at Chapel Hill Creamery.

Piedmont farm tour 2009 018
Farmer John at Eco Farm demonstrating how shitake mushrooms are grown.

Piedmont farm tour 2009 010
Gabriel with goats.

Piedmont farm tour 2009 007
My baby bump a while ago, maybe 16 weeks?

april misc 011
Spring walk with Gabriel and Rumi. Dogwoods are my favorite.

april misc 013
april misc 014
april misc 003

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Sarah-potterknitter said...

I've got a suit you can try if you'd like!
We'll see you up here soon right?