Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ice cream at Mapple View

We are very lucky here in Chapel Hill to have a local creamery just outside of town. At almost all of our grocery stores here, both chain and local, you can find milk and other dairy products in glass bottles for sale from the Maple View Creamery. In the summer they also open an ice cream store in town as well as having a wonderful ice cream store with a wide porch and rocking chairs on their farm land just 5-10 minutes outside of town. My good friend Noelle moved from Chapel Hill to the mountains just about a year ago. I taught her daughter Leia for two years. When she was passing through town a few weeks ago we had to hit the old favorite for some ice cream on a hot day. Fun to share with Carolyn and Addie too. This actually fell on Gabriel's 31st birthday and so he took a little time away from his studying to join us.

Sharing a moment with Leia
Sarah and Leia
Gabriel relaxing at Maple View Creamery
Annie throwing hay
Cool sister
Leia and Annie discover Carolyn's iphone
Maple View Creamery with Thompsons

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Noelle said...

Such great pics! We sure miss you guys!!! : )