Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Still here!

Well we made it to the due date and little Oliver is still happily on the inside of me instead of the outside. Very naughty little monkey indeed. What a surprise though right? Little mama's boy already nice and warm in there cooking away.

If I can manage to put aside my feelings about the fact that he still isn't here it is an amazing thing just to think that we have come all the way from the beginning of this journey to the due date. All 40 weeks, all the ups and downs, all the new experiences and sensations, we did it! The day that seemed so far off for so long has come. Now hopefully my Fox will too some day soon!

So you lucked into some more photos. I have also finished Oliver's knitted blanket so I will see if I can get some photos of that too before he arrives although I am getting sick of getting the camera in and out of the hospital bag.

gabe and sarah 39 weeks 010gabe and sarah 39 weeks 016
gabe and sarah 39 weeks 008
gabe and sarah 39 weeks 003


Noelle said...

Such wonderful photos! : ) Have you seen Charley's post on Gabe's wall? That's SO how I feel these days, . . . "Baby yet? . . . How about now?!? . . . Now? . . ." LOL! : ) I am amazed at what a perfect weight you have remained! Your big "bump" is truly "all baby." : ) I am so jealous! Well, here's to healthy eating, eh? God Bless you, Sarah. I guess little Fox is living up to the "first-babies-always-come-late" rule. Enjoy being a true couple tonight, okay? Tomorrow, it just might be + 1. : )

Manda said...

Such beautiful pictures dear! I simply love how you look in that salmon top. Just remember every day he continues to cook means another day making a healthy plump little boy. Even though I'm sure you are both beyond ready to have him here, try to enjoy the quiet while you can!

Noelle said...

Don't worry, Sarah. You only had to wait until October 16th, . . . and then you had a happy and healthy little boy! : ) Yay!

Gabriel said...

Oh, honey! You were just the most bodaciously beautiful sweet preggie woman.