Friday, September 25, 2009

Last post? Who knows!

Well 38 weeks and 2 days down. Just waiting for the little guy to arrive. We know he is ripe and healthy and we are so ready to meet him. If only I could convince my body to move things along. Well I guess even though he is technically ripe every day longer that he is in there is like bonus points and he will be even more beautiful and ready for the world. Just a few more photos for you.

The preggers photo was taken last weekend at 37.5 weeks.

On Sunday Gabriel and I did a plaster of paris cast of my torso to memorialize this crazy event in my life to stare at in awe months from now when pregnancy seems like a distant memory. Gabriel was super cute how into doing this he was. I have spared you the photos of me in my underwear lathered in petroleum jelly and plaster but included Gabriel so very cute in his apron holding the cast at the end of the process.

Also here is one last foxy onesie that I made for Oliver when I was making a bunch of onesies for our friend Alison's fundraiser for a dog rescue group that she volunteers with up in Baltimore.

See you soon little Fox!

37.5 weeks
37.5 weeks
Gabriel and the belly cast
Gabriel and the belly cast
Onesie for Oliver Fox


Noelle said...

Oh I'm SO very happy to see that Gabe did a pregnancy cast for you! Mine is SUCH a treasure! These last couple of weeks will be a perfect time to paint it, Sarah! : ) I was extra happy to see how Gabe felt about it. He's right. It's such a special project! : )

Anonymous said...

I love the plaster mold! How fun!! I'd love to see pics of the nursery! You look beautiful and the fox will be here soon!
- Jill Hayes

Manda said...

Hehehe, I have to say that pregnancy suits you far more than it does Gabriel! Love the mold sweetie. I really liked the idea of putting blankets in it for very early in Oliver's life.