Friday, September 18, 2009

Outfitting Mr. Oliver

We are getting really close now! 37 weeks and 2 days down and who knows how many left to go. Tired the last few days. Necessary naps but still managing to walk my 2 miles a day and go to prenatal yoga. Feet hurt and often swell at night. I guess it is all par for the course.

We are getting very excited now. Gabriel has been super cute getting all excited. He has been the one with the patience to go through the novel of a manual for installing the car seat and he has been very busy with many little things all over the house.

There has been so much knitting for gifts lately but here are a few of the little things that I have made for little Oliver.

Fox vest
Fox vest

Pattern: Pebble (Henry's Manly Cobblestone-Inspired Baby Vest)
The Thrifty Knitter Blog
Left over Queensland Kathmandu Aran
Color 121 (oatmeal), Color 115 (green)
Needles: size 6?

Fox leggings
Pattern: Legwarmies
Source: Never Not Knitting Blog
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Sport
Colorway: Caution and Leapfrog
Yardage: Less than one ball of each. Probably enough of each left to make a stripped hat or something
Needles: size 3 dpns

Fox booties
Fox booties
Christine's Baby Booties
Yarn: Lorna's Lace Shepard Sock
Colorway: Gold Hill #64
Yardage: left overs from other socks
Needles: size 1

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Noelle said...

YAY! So glad to see some little things for Oliver! : ) Can't wait to meet him! : )