Thursday, September 10, 2009

Poolside Calistoga

When I was back in California Analisa and I took a girly spa trip to Indian Springs in Calistoga. Just about the best place ever! Due to living so far away and the fact that I am oh so pregnant, I will be missing Analisa's bridal shower and much of the wedding planning for her. I just hope I can get this baby here in time to still go to the wedding. An amazing time in both of our lives as friends to have one of us get married and one of us have a baby within a few weeks of each other. Shamefully I took very few photos but the ones I did are fun. XOXO to you boo!

Photo of Oliver?  Photo of Sarah?
Analisa poolside
Analisa Sassy Pants

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Noelle said...

That's a belly in relaxation! : ) Bring up that image in labor and you'll be A-okay! : )