Friday, January 11, 2008

Craving Vik's

I am making myself crazy right now....
Instead of making dinner I started looking online for a good samosa recipe and then decided to Google my favorite Indian food restaurant in my town of origin, Vik's Chaat Corner. I am really kicking myself for not having gone there when I was just back home in Berkeley over the holidays. Vik's is this totally funky place that is in a warehouse in the railroad tracks side of town. You order at the register and then wait for your name to be called and then eat your food on paper plates at folding tables. As impromptu as the place is, it is the best food in the whole world. It is the kind of place that even if I spent a week in the kitchen studying the recipes I am sure I would never ever come close to replicating the meals that can be had there. Over the last few years the health department has demanded that the decor improve a bit but it still holds its funkiness.
Sigh....hard to get good Asian food here in NC.

Here are a couple of silly photos of me and a couple of the hats that were gifted over Christmas. Again, Interweave Fall 2007 Snowball hat with Misti Alpaca Chunky.
Thank you hunny for my new L.L. Bean corduroy jacket!


Noelle said...

Neat story! Hope I get to eat there one day, if I ever get to CA. As for Asian food here, try Thai Palace on the corner of 54 and 15/01, where the Harris Teeter used to be. And how is it that you are always so photogenic even in silly pics?

carolyn said...

Oh yeah... I guess we could have ordered take out for New Year's fro vic's---aw well.