Monday, January 07, 2008

must be my colors

The task now is to do a little catch up and then I can plow ahead to the future. I didn't want to spoil too many Christmas presents so I there are many many knitting projects that I haven't posted in order to keep some secrets. Of course I also had hardly a moment to spare as I knit away trying to finish over 8 knitted Christmas presents and one baby sweater. Not to mention all the fruit and vegi dehydrating I have been doing with my new dehydrator (thank you Noelle!)

This is a hat my own invention for my friend Nick.
This is a gas station stop on the drive down to fly to CA for our second Christmas celebration with my family. My wonderful husband had just given me these Smartwool socks for Christmas and I was struck by how the colors matched my knitting. Misti Alpaca Chunky size 10 needles.

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