Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Celo Baby Shower

Thank you to my mother in-law Marilyn who organized a baby shower for me in Celo. Even though we don't live there it is still such an important and supportive family of people to us. It is so special how many people have known Gabriel his whole life and it is so exciting to see so many of his peers from childhood now also having children of their own. The shower was over the 4th of July weekend which was while my dad, Carolyn and Addie were still in NC so it was fun for them to meet the greater Celo family.

Celo Baby shower
Dad decorates a onesie
My dad is never afraid to be surrounded by a bunch of women.

The matrons
Emily decorates a onesie
lav fest mcdowell visit 186
Mimi and Jerricho
Mimi and Jerricho who was born at the end of March. Love you guys!

Celo Baby shower
Boys will be boys
Gabriel and his knife getting ready for present opening

Gabriel tests out the baby carrier
Gabriel and the frog try on the Baby Becco

Pee pee tee pee
Laugh so hard it hurts
This face and the laughter that was the laughs so hard it hurts brand was due to the present gifted in the photo above this one. We were given a set of Pee Pee Tee Pees. Things I guess that come in handy when you have a baby boy. The instructions on the label read "place the pee pee tee pee on the wee wee." Totally laugh worthy.

Annie and Sarah
Sweater knit by Sarah House
The lovely sweater knit by Sarah House pictured in tye dye above.

Presents from Emily
I had to put this photo in because of the expression on my dear sister in-law Emily who is in the right side of the photo hiding her face in shame because she just couldn't control herself buying the most adorable things for her first nephew.

Soy hoodie
Gabriel taste testing the cutest little hoodie from Emily that is made out of soy.

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Noelle said...

SO sweet!!! I just love that picture of you and Gabe with his hand on your belly! Congrats, sweetheart! I'm so excited for October!!!! : )