Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July

We had an unconventional 4th of July. It was really stinking hot here and a 3rd year ER resident invited anyone who wanted over to her house for a BBQ and to swim in her pool. She said she was having a bunch of extended family over and anyone was welcome to join. We decided to take her up on her offer to meet some other residents and also we REALLY wanted to get in some water. As it turned out, we were the only people from Gabe's work to go and it was the three of us and all of Aggie and her husband Steve's extended family. To add to the quirkiness of things Aggie is originally from Poland and all her family that was there was first generation polish. Well they took us right in and it was a really fun time and Aggie's 3 month old Olivia is just adorable. Funny though to spend the 4th of July with a bunch of immigrants!

Oliver was as usual the little ham. These photos of him sitting on the side of the pool with his dad, dipping his toes in the water are just too funny. I can really see his 2 or 3 year old self here. In the second photo you have to picture him humming which he does a lot of.





Emily said...

So cute! Just remember, there's always a pool about an hour and a half away at our house if you get desperate enough! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Emily! We should plan a visit for sure! Maybe some day when Gabriel has to work over night in the ER or something and we can come down for a sleep over