Thursday, July 15, 2010

Visit With Cousin Brodie


We have been really lucky so far to have had a good number of visitors already in the month and a half that we have been here in Northampton. We have had many of our parents, friends Will and Jason, and also Gabriel's brother, Jason, his wife Clare and little Brodie.

Oliver's cousin Brodie was born just 2 and a half weeks after Oliver was born which is just remarkable. They were the first grand babies for all of our families and it is so special that they are both boys, and so close in age. Gabe and Jason have a really great relationship so this is all very fun for them to share. They live in Brooklyn and we had been so sad all through our pregnancies and births to live so far away when we were experiencing the same things at the same time. Now we live only 3 hours apart and will get to see much more of each other which is such a huge bonus to where we ended up.

Their visit also fell right on Gabriel's birthday which was an added treat.






As a side note. This lovely hammock was a wedding present from our friends Pace and Laura. They had picked it up in Mexico. We have always loved it but in our almost 5 years of marriage we haven't had the right living conditions to hang it up and use it. As a birthday present to Gabriel this year I got a stand for it. We LOVE it! If you can't find one of us in the house check the hammock.

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Noelle said...

Your third picture needs to read, "Oliver Fox comments on his cousin's cool shirt." LOL. I love that one! : )