Thursday, July 08, 2010

Doing Just Fine


A few days ago we crossed the one month mark of living in our new home. The home we own, in a new state, figuring out as we go how we want to combine our old lives and our new ones. We miss our friends, and we miss our family, but slowly we build new friendships and are very thankful for how cool of a little town we ended up in. We also love our little street filled with wonderful neighbors and lots of kids.

I will do a different post with a tour of our house but this photo was taken in garden on the side of our house with our recently built and planted vegetable garden. We are also feeling pretty lucky to have a back yard and front yard and some wonderful landscaping that is flowering like crazy from the previous owners.

You can pretty much picture Oliver standing in this exact position every day around 5pm EST as he watches me water the veggies and tries to decide whether to pull the name markers on the tomato plants or eat dirt.


Michael said...

We miss you guys too!

Noelle said...

Oh, I absolutely love that picture! I'm glad to hear your happiness as you settle in. It would be cool to talk with you about "how we want to combine our old lives and our new ones." Oh, I'm an expert on that, . . . having done it, oh, MANY times. ; ) Love the markers vs. dirt comment, too. I hope he chose dirt. Cool flavors! ; )

Manda said...

This photo makes my heart squeeze a little bit I miss you all so much! Oliver is growing at the speed of light by the photos. Every well child check i do i always use Oliver as my basis of comparison...hmm...was Oliver smiling at 1 month? You look so ethereal, and Gabe so happy. Love you all and keep the blog posts coming lady! I'm envious of your huge garden!